Tracing little infinities on each other’s bare backs, we were lazing around on a rather tranquil day. Breaking the stillness of the air, rang the phone kept aside. He took the call and his face shone like a billion suns. The Army beckons. My man’s dream, and the thought of him leaving,my nightmare. Being together for close to 2 years, he still leaves me in awe of him. So strong,yet so gentle. So polite,yet so stubborn. So perfect,and yet so perfect. In all of his ways.

My journey of coming to terms with his passion of serving the nation ranged from denial,to pleading and finally to accepting. My mind started swimming with a swarm of questions. Can we stand the test of time? Do we love each other enough to tide over this exhausting lifetime? Can we make it? The what ifs danced around merrily and made my heart skip several beats. What if something happens to him? What if the spark dies and we cannot put together what he will leave now? But the taste of promises of never letting go still lingered on my lips. A sea of emotions washed over me and threatened to spill.

Stay. Please.

He nudged me back to reality. One look at his beaming face and our hands entwined together, and I knew. I knew the doubts stood meaningless. I’d wait and hope till the end of time. I hugged him with all my might and whispered,” Go touch the skies,my love. I’ve never been happier.” And I meant it. God knows I do.